Arsenal vs Tottenham Preview

Today, Arsenal host Tottenham at the Emirates Stadium. With these two London rivals fighting for a top four position, it is definitely going to be an important game.

Arsenal Team News:

Arsenal are doing well with injuries as only Olivier Giroud is set to be out (other than Santi Cazorla). However, they would expect to be doing slightly better in the league so far and they should play attacking football as a win would be huge for them.

Tottenham Team News:

With Harry Kane set to be back and Hugo Lloris and Delli Ali doing well with their injuries, Tottenham only have Toby Alderweireld and Eric Lamela the only players missing from their 1st team. With Man United and City doing well above them, they will definitely be playing for the win.


Prediction: Arsenal 1-2 Tottenham 


Is this Man United’s year

Man Untied looked extremely promising at the start of the season but recently their form has dropped compered to rivals Man City. With 2 draws and 2 loses can man united brick it back to take the premier league title.

Jose Mourinho  has a habit of winning titles in his second year. Hopefully he will continue with this habit.

I think that Man United have the talent, the players and the Special one (Jose Mourinho). If they can continue through the season without any injuries they have everything to play for.

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Will Man City Complete The Invincibles #2?

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Since Man City have had an unbeaten start to the season, it has aroused the question, will they go invincible? They have currently won 10 and drew 1 whilst already beaten top teams such as Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. Who can stop them?

Personally, I think that they will not complete this feat for the following reasons:

  1. Arsenal had less competition – back in the day, you had to be a big team to come anywhere close to wining the league, whereas now, anyone can (look at Leicester). This mean that any team can now win any game.
  2. Injury Prone Aguero – Aguero had already been injured this season and has recently fainted in Argentina. While Jesus is not a bad replacement by any means, he is not the same class as Aguero which may show in some big games.
  3. Luck – Even a massive Arsenal fan would have to admit that incredible luck was very much needed. It may be that City just wont have the luck.

I do think that Man City will win the tittle this year but I don’t think that the invincibles will be a reality. What do you think?

Shocked Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup

Italy fail to reach the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This is the first time they have failed to qualify since 1958. They lost against Sweden in the first leg 1-0 and the second leg in Italy was a 0-0 draw. Italy’s keeper Gianluigi Buffon was very emotional after the game. Since then he has announced his retirement. Gianluigi Buffon made 175 appearances for his Italy in a 20-year career.

Italy’s board of directors will be upset with newly appointed Giampiero Ventura after he promised to make history with Italy (in a way he did).

Gianluigi Buffon

Ireland vs Denmark Play-Off Review

Ireland are left distraught after a 5-1 loss to Denmark. They had a 0-0 draw away from home and were hoping for a win with the home advantage. However, it did not go their way.

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Ireland opened the scoring in the 6th minute through Duffy and at that point would have had high hopes. However it all went down hill. Christie scored an own goal in the 29th minute leveling up the score and an Eriksen hat-trick with goals coming before and after half time. Nichlolas Bendtner scored a ‘salt in the wounds’ penalty in the final minute and Denmark will be going to Russia after their 5-1 win.

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England vs Brazil Review

There was an incredibly close faught game last night that ended 0-0. My only prediction was that we would see some goals and that, sadly, I’d not happen.

England played a very young team and they played incredibly well, with Joe Gomez picking up man of the match. However, the strikers did not deliver.

Brazil’s attack could just not find the net. Simple as that. They were massive favourites for the game and many were shocked that England held them to a draw.

England vs Brazil Preview

Tonight, England host Brazil in a pre World Cup friendly. It will be an exciting match to watch and I’ll take a look at what may happen.

England Team News:

With England ‘young guns’ firing on all cylinders, it is very possible that the likes of Solanke, Cook and Gunn could start. They recently drew 0-0 to Germany and will be looking the goals.

Brazil Team News:

Brazil have an excellent attack with arguably the best in the world. With Neymar as their main striker, there will almost certainly be goals. Coutinho and Firmino could start after a rest recently against Japan.


Sports General Knowledge Quiz

This is a 5 question quiz on sporting events:

1. Who the drivers championship in 2016? (F1)

2. Who won both the Masters and US open in 2015? (Golf)

3. Which team has the best record so far in the NFL? (As of 14th November)

4. What is ‘Freddie Flintoff’ real first name? (Cricket)

5. What year did Arsenal complete the ‘invincibles’? (Football)



Leave your answers in the comments below!