Midweek Premier League Assesment

There were 4 games played yesterday and 6 more are set to be played today. I will look at what has and can happen.

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With Tottenham’s 2-1 loss to Leicester, they are in danger of plummeting down the table all the way to 7th with if Liverpool and Burnley both win today. Liverpool are away to Stoke and that could be a tough match. Burnley are away to 14th place Bournemouth witch, again, will be a tough game.

Arsenal are at home to Huddersfield and expect to win. Man City are at home to Southampton and also expect to win based on current form.

Man United beat Watford 4-2 away yesterday and are on the chase of Man City, but are 5 points behind after playing an extra game. Yesterday’s results were:

Brighton 0-0 Crystal Palace

Leicester 2-1 Tottenham

West Brom 2-2 Newcastle

Watford 2-4 Man United

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