Can England’s Forces do it in Europe?

This year, 5 of the 16 qualifiers for the Champions League were English clubs. Liverpool, Man United, Man City and Tottenham topped their groups with Chelsea finishing as runners up. However, how likely is it that one of these teams to win the whole thing? Personally, I don’t think they will because:

• Tough possible last 16 draws: the clubs that have finished top do not have an easy last 16 ahead of them. Whilst clubs would hope to beat Porto,  Shakhtar or Basel, they could face Bayern, Juventus or Real Madrid. Chelsea also have some tough possibilities.

• There aren’t enough world class players: There is no Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League and that could be a factor. There is certainly some big talent in the clubs but I think that they will lack a world class player.

• Not enough experience: Man City reached the last 16 last year but aside from that, no one else made it to the knock out stages whilst only Tottenham were even in the groups. Unfortunately, it may be a while until one of these teams has the experience to win.

Sadly, I don’t think that an English team will win in Europe this year but I think that in the years to come, they can do it.


One thought on “Can England’s Forces do it in Europe?”

  1. I strogly beleive that one of the english clubs will win because real madirid are having a bad season and juventus Bayern Munich have been average psg are very good and barca have lost a brilliant played so this is the one season arsenal arent in it and the teams are rubbish. Rember man city are just as good as psg or even better.

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